I'm not sure about you but I have a love hate relationship with consistently working out. I had a moment when I was addicted to African dance classes, then yoga, then this and then that. I would make it a New Year's resolution and start of strong and then slowly start working out less and less until it became non-existent.

With all of that being said, I decided to kick back into gear. Work on my mind, body and soul not because of New Years but because it is time to focus on my health consistently. So I hit up my friend, celebrity trainer, Chris Sainsbury and invited a few friends to a private workout session. We did squats, bear crawls, ran a little bit, did some more squats, and some very intense sit ups that made me feeling like Drake...CHARGED UP!

Check out some photos from our fitness session below and my interview with Chris!

Post work out, I hit up Chris and asked him about work out tips, fresh juices and his personal mantra! Read the interview below!

KC: Why fitness?

CS: Fitness found me at a turbulent point in my young adult life, I was angry, depressed, miserable and making all the wrong moves. Investing in myself through fitness changed my life for the better and I guess you can say she calmed my rough sea and brought balance.

Science has proven that exercise releases natural endorphins which enriches how you feel.  Fitness is about being stronger week after week, feeling better about the day and looking better naked.

KC:Who are some celebrities that you have trained?

CS: Some of the celebrities I worked with are Pusha T, Chris Brown, Rihanna, Kelis, Sean Combs, Marc Jacobs, Talib Kweli, Paul Walker, LaLa, and Columbus Short to name a few

KC: For someone who is a bit intimidated by the gym or working out what advice would you give them to start?

CS: Face your fear and become the standard. Take one step at a time and believe me the feeling of intimidation will go away. Health is also dependent on your support system. Find a friend or hire trainer to keep you accountable.

KC: What is an easy at home daily workout routine?

CS: Cardio Warm Up: 7 min Jump Rope/15-20 min Jog

      3-5 rounds: 15-20 Squats/15-20 Sit Ups/5-10 Push Ups

      Cardio Cool Down: 7 min Jump Rope/15-20 min Jog

KCWhat should a person eat post work out? Eat Carbs, Carbs, Carbs and then Lean Protein.

CS: After a good workout you may feel depleted of energy. Your body is fighting for energy because you’re burning calories at a more rapid pace. You used a good amount of sugar storages during the workout and it's time to restore them. This is equivalent to refueling your car with premium gasoline.  Carbs produce sugar and should elevate your energy right back up and eating the right amount of lean protein will help you build, tone, define and firm your muscles.

Remember to eat for your goal and body not the diet.
Meal example:

6oz Salmon
1 Cup Spinach, Kale, or Cauliflower
1/4 Cup Koskos
1/3rd of an Avocado

KC: Where is favorite place for fresh juices?

CS: My favorite place is NoHo Juice Bar located on 208 Mercer St in NoHo Manhattan btwn Bleecker and Houston. It's a friendly family owned health restaurant. What I love most is that they blend & mix fresh fruits and vegetables right in front of you. You’ll also find Lower Manhattan's top Fitness Trainers congregating and refueling there throughout the day.

KC: What is your personal mantra?

CS: "Fuck Doubt"
      "Why Not You"
     "Be Strong and Be Flexible

Photography: Adrielle Barnett