Being apart of the Kitty Pack , I witnessed the madness before the actual "turn up". I helped kitty get ready for her amazing night. With contemplation in the air about whether to do a nude lip or red or the choice of the YSL heel over TOM FORD, kitty was just so eager to arrive at The Soho Grand Hotel to begin her eventful night. Upon arrival, Kitty's smile stretched from one ear to another at the site of how many people had already arrived at 10:30pm. She was ready for a shot or two hahahah and to grace her hands on the ones and twos. Throughout the night people were drunk and in love , dancing there life away , and laughing with total strangers.... The atmosphere was Magical. As the night began to come to an end we all,  one hundred and seventy-seven of us sang Happy Birthday to Kitty as she glistened like a star.

Here are some pictures from the party for those who couldn't experience this "lituation" first hand hahaha

Article: Markee Carroll

Photography: Troy Benjamin-

Photography: Tyra Mitchell

Photography: elijahdom