I've been thinking a lot about my grandfather "Papa" lately. I'm not sure why but I have. He was an old timer in true spirit and I must say the life of any and every party. He could dance with the best them (he was a trained ballroom dancer and wasn’t afraid to show off his skills), out-hang the night only to turn around and do it all again, which is maybe where I get it from!

He had a very rare disposition about him… the slickness and confident sophistication which he always exuded  was unmatchable. I can’t say we were the closest but he spoiled me in his own little way. He always walked around with this big gold pendant of Trinidad and I remember telling him I’m not a true Trini if I didn’t have on myself! So of course he went back home to Trinidad for Carnival one year and came back with a mini version of his pendant…it was those type of moments that I hold super tight to my heart.

 That man was just classically dapper…I loved his style. He was very sharp, always with a perfectly ironed pant with a seam in the middle, long trench overcoat to match, freshly shined loafers and a fedora if he was feeling extra good. I wanted to channel exactly that in this style post. 

The thing that I remember the most was that music was at his core. Soca and Calypso to be specific…and it’s at my core too…maybe that’s just it… the more I get in tune with what makes me truly happy and takes me away, it just reminds me of how happy  music made him feel too.

In loving memory, this one is for you Papa.

Take a look at my looks here: 

Jacket: ICB

Pants: ICB

Shoes: Chanel Loafers

Top: Moschino

Photography: VisualsbyPierre