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  Illustration by : Mia Coleman

Illustration by: Mia Coleman

LA native, Brittany Byrd is quite a force to be reckoned with. She dabbles in just about everything from graphic design, to architecture to film. We had the opportunity to chat with Brittany about her inspiration,  her recent book launch,  and what's next. Needless to say Brittany’s story is just as colorful and eclectic as her signature style.

1. Name:

Brittany Byrd

2. Where are you from? 

LA, land of the pretty women and good weather.

3. What is your sign?


4.What do you do? Can you tell me about your journey?

I am an artist, curator and designer. I am a lover. I am an experiential architect. I am a muse. I am a sensei. My journey has been crazy, exciting, colorful and very cool.

5. How did you get there?

I got here by having faith in myself and not believing in limits.

6. Who/where do you turn to for inspiration? 

I find a lot of inspiration in anime. Although when it comes to style I fall into monochromatic patterns but anime and that child like mind state reminds me hues of colors and levels of saturation create appealing aesthetics as well. I also get mad inspiration from traveling and how I perceive new experiences and seeing what I can create from that, appreciating the rarity in which you think is important.

7. You do a little bit of everything.  What factors do you consider when picking projects? 

When picking projects I look in how I can make people feel something, weather its building a set, working on an editorial or a personal project such as Glitter Tears. They may have a strong sense of love or just happen to catch a vibe or just feel nice. Success to me is what you feel not what you have so if I can aid anyway in that process I am all for it.

8. What's your favorite project you've worked on, this year? 

My favorite project I have worked on would have to be Glitter Tears, it was a project that wasn't planned and came from a pure organic place.

9. Talk to us about your short films.  What was the inspiration behind those projects? 

Film is a huge inspiration of mine, sometimes I capture life in a cinematic manner. The inspiration behind the film projects I have on my site came from life in new york city, from watching an elderly Chinese woman practice the art of Tai Chi at the park to observing how a metropolitan city such an NY shape skate culture and its ramifications on fashion.

10. What's next for BYRDHAÜS publications?

BYRDHAÜS Publishing is going to create and help support content in which I feel is missing. In art it’s not impossible to find constant euphoria.

11. What are you currently crushing on? 

Currently I am crushing on the Forbidden Monkey Forest in Bali, Tri Hita.

12. Best advice? 

Thoughts become things so always set the right intentions.

13. Your Motto? 

Be thankful. Then you can find the happiness in everything.

14. Your biggest regret? 

No regrets, only lessons.

15. Do you have any hobbies? If not, is there anything new you would want to try out? 

I don't have any current hobbies, but I would love to take up Ballet.

IG: brittanymbyrd

Can’t get enough of Brittany? Cop her new art book titled "Glitter Tears" and check out her website @

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