In appreciation for Women's History Month, the lovely Ashely Outrageous brought together some of her favorite ladies in music to celebrate our month the right way! 9 women came together, shared laughs, dance moves, more laughs, more dance moves and everything in between. Sending a lot of love to my "Teletubbies": Jasmine SolanoMartina McFlyyMs. NixRavie BJessica LehrmanCayla Cousins and Ramya Velury.

Nestled in the Clinton Hills, Brooklyn, is a vibrant brownstone created by Sour Patch for artists to have a safe place to lodge and create. The house is literally loaded with Sour Patch candy everywhere and was decked out with treats and goodies for us throughout the night. There was a makeup station by Makeup Forever where Mimi beat my face to the GODS and GODESSES of the universe!

Then there was an accessories station by Martine Ali.  I love her jewelry; I ended up snagging the bandana choker and wearing it all night long. Her products are limited in supply and made here in America which makes it even more special!

After we got all dolled up and started with a few glasses of wine, we had a private listening session by one of Def Jam's newest artist, Jahkoy. I have been following Jahkoy via Sound cloud for about two years now so it's always great to make that connection in real time.

After Jahkoy serenaded us, we scrambled into our Lyfts, because of we were running a little behind schedule. We headed to Webster Hall to catch a performance by Tinashe with an opening set by Jahkoy. Ladies and gentleman if you missed it...don't ever again!!! Tinashe KILLED between the booty pops and splits we were all in heaven and danced the night away.

Post the show some of the girls went home early but Raven, Ramya, and myself grabbed some Philly Cheese steaks and dropped in to a quick party before we headed back to The Patch. When we got back we threw on our oh so comfy One pieces and it was pretty damn hilarious. Just think Spice Girls meets Teletubbies hahahaa! Girl Talk all night long with throwback southern jams and twerk lessons that led to a R&B glossier face party in the bathroom.

I say all of that to say, sometimes it is so hard to catch up with your friends in the city with everyone on the road to greatness; but I enjoyed every second with these beautiful spirits and I can't wait for part two!