As Women's History Month comes to an end, I was able to be apart of an amazing panel celebrating female DJ's and empowering aspiring female Dj's to follow their true passion. Hand selected by "The Queen of Jersey" the multi-talented UNIIQU3 hosted a panel #BEUNIQUE at Scratch Academy in NYC and featured myself, Hannah Rad, Gina Turner, and Gun$ Garcia as panelists.

Of course we spilled crazy gems and walked them through our story, hurdles, and what we ingredients allowed us to #BeUnique on our journey as Dj's in a super competitive space. For those who were unable to make it or catch me on Snapchat (@cachee) check out a few quotes from the ladies and images below.


I want to give aspiring artists some insight on how I came up in my scene from DJing DIY events in New Jersey to touring internationally along the likes of Cashmere Cat and working with notable artists including Skrillex. Still being a rookie in a sea of veterans, I’m learning as I grow, and I know I can offer great advice to those whose shoes I’ve been in but only 5 years ago.
Having gained experiences by working in very corporate environments and more relaxed, creative atmospheres, [I’ve learned] how to maintain professional respect and attention in both dynamics, while also remaining true to [myself]...
— Hannah Rad
95% of the people I told didn’t believe in me or think I would be able to get to where I am right now. I’ve learned that most people project their fears onto you, and you can’t let that dim your light. You have to use it as motivation.
— Kitty Cash
My art is essentially trying to have as much fun as possible while doing things that I love! It’s so easy to become a cookie cutter or fit into other people’s sounds, but that also makes you lose touch with who you truly are.
— Gina Turner
Supporting others and their careers only helps you with your career. I love being inspired by the people around me and their successes. [My] intention is to inspire others, but I always end up more inspired than they do.
— Gun$ Garcia