I love being a native New Yorker but there is nohing like packing your bags and flying to the other side of America for some fresh air. Oh! Yes I said it, I deicded to get some fresh air not outside my door but in sweet and sunny California. If you live in New York City then I don't need to explain that the movement and pace  never slows down and sometimes you just need to hit the pause botton and allow yourself to recharge. So, I decided to take my own advice  and do just that on my last trip to LA.

 In between a few meetings, late nights with friends, and even some hiking  I finally got some relaxtion time. You know, time to breathe, eat, and think...the simple things.  Even better I was able to do all of this during my stay at the W Hotel in West Hollywood which was absolutely beautiful.  During my stay, I called up my close friend and awesome photographer VisualsbyPierre and did a shoot for  Misguided at the hotel. It was like the W transformed into this magical exotic paradise just for me!  

Check out the images below and my interview with Misguided here

Dress : Missguided 

Photography: VisualsbyPierre