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Illustration by: Mia Coleman

Illustration by: Mia Coleman

Photographer and Director, Hannah Sider opens up about her passion for music and fashion, how living in NYC means having endless inspiration at her fingertips and the importance of making mistakes.

1. Name: 

Hannah Sider

2. Where are you from?

Born in Malawi, grew up in Toronto, live in Brooklyn

3. What is your sign?


4. What do you do? Can you tell me about your journey?

I’m a photographer/director but my job extends beyond that. I work closely with brands/artists and come up with art direction and new creative ideas. 

I’ve been working hard to build my business and evolve as an artist since I moved to NYC 5 years ago and it’s more than a full-time job. 

My journey hasn’t always been smooth, but I’ve been persistent and taken risks. 

5. How did you get there? I am really interested in how you're able to bounce between fashion and music through your medium. How do you balance between shooting music artists, models, editorials? What is your favorite thing to shoot? 

I think the reason why I love what I do and I can “bounce" around, is that fashion and music have always intrigued me. 

Studying fashion for 4 years gave me a passion for design and the history behind it and music has always been integral part of my life. Living in NYC gives me both worlds at my fingertips.

My favorite is when I work with a talented musician that loves fashion and has a strong personal style.

6. What shoot are you most proud of or you feel best represents your work?

I always feel like I haven’t done my best shoot yet, that pushes me forward.

7. Best advice for someone looking to get into your field?

Don’t let technicalities stop you. You don’t need an expensive camera or fancy lighting, just a good eye.

8. How is it being an entrepreneur? Why haven't you given up? 

I’m very self disciplined and surround myself with positive people.

9. What are you currently crushing on?

Currently crushing on vintage Jean Paul Gaultier. 

10.  How is your favorite photographer?  

Helmut Newton, Corinne Day, Hedi Slimane, Roxanne Lowit, Chi Modu

11. What's your favorite film?

Space Jam

12. Best advice?

Make mistakes (and learn from them)

13. Your Motto?

No Fear

14. Do you have any hobbies? If not, is there anything new you would want to try out?

Traveling, kickboxing, running, reading, cooking, painting, making mood boards, researching music