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Spent a few days in Miami, to celebrate and DJ Quavo's birthday party!  The weather was perfect, so I was eager to pull out the cut offs and the top is super fun and flirty which was very appropriate for Miami.

STYLE: 663C + 6C

I kicked off NYFW with a dinner with CFDA designer, Ji Oh. I fell in love with this set as soon as I saw it, it is the perfect update to a power suit but sporty and functional. Check out the picks below!

Photography: Quil Lemons

Pant and jacket: Ji Oh

Shoes: Margiela

Bag: Fendi

STYLE: 072C + 7752C + 705C

STYLE: 072C + 7752C + 705C

KITTY CASH  (7 of 29).jpg

It's post New Years and we all are trying to get our gears turning again. You probably weren't ready to throw in the towel and get back to work, and I feel you. If you still have some partying left to do, or still feel in the spirit you may fall in love with the below look. Pair your classics with a little sequins and spice up your life. See outfit below:

Jacket: Off- White

Dress: Asos

Shoes: Karen Gallo

Photos by Quil

STYLE : 006C + 441C

KITTY CASH  (20 of 29).jpg

New Years jitters are the worst, but instead of waiting for the New Year to be fabulous, add new buttons to a jacket, or go on the hunt for a classic piece with a twist. For me, the fur cuffs elevated this classic white coat to another level. Check it out below!

Jacket: Phillip Lim

Dress: Ellery

Photos by Quil

STYLE: 006C+ 663C [LA, CA]

Kitty Cash poses on the red carpet for the Glamour magazine's 2016 "Women of the Year" awards.

Take a peak inside of this layered look that I wore during the Glamour "Women of the Year" awards. I was so honored to DJ this powerful event honoring women who continue to change history around the world. The event honored women such as Zendaya to Gwen Stefani, and the co-founders of the Black Lives Matter movement. I decided to go in an asymetrical cocktail dress over a sequins mini shift dress with bold hair. Check out my full look below and more details on my hair at Nylon.

Photo: Emari Traffi

Dress: (Black) Dion Lee

(Sequins) Omondi

Shoes:  Pierre Hardy

Hair: Nikki Nelms

Makeup: Shannon Pezetti

STYLE: 5523 + 600 + 663 + 705 + 7499 [PARIS, FRANCE]


I literally haven't been home for more than a few days at a time, but I couldn't be happier. I was in one of my favorite places in the world and the energy is at an all time high. Sadly, my first 2 days in Paris I was sick as hell and was nursing myself back to health while my friends crawled back into our loft drunk as hell and recapping the next morning. Ut was my first fashion week and I had missed a few shows I was looking forward to, but I digress. Once I started feeling better the trip really was worth it. I ended up DJing a VLONE x Ghetto Gastro party called "Models and Waffles," the NYNY party at Rasputin, and this cute ass "Culture Clash" cocktail party clashing music, art, and fashion under one house. In between gigs, i ate A LOT, I mean A LOT and got to swirl in front the Eiffel Tower in a full Kenzo look.

Check it out below:


Full Look by Kenzo

STYLE: 663 + 006 + 5523+ 726 [NYFW DAY #5]

Finally, a day where I got to play more than I worked. I had a chance to catch "The Releast Real" a short film by Kenzo which starred one of my girls Laura Harrier, dashed over to Rag and Bone and a W magazine event where I ran into the one and only Paris Hilton. Gotta love Fashion Week!

Jacket: Dion Lee

Skirt: Ohlin D

Bra: God Save The Queens

Bag: Simon Miller

Shoes: Kylie + Kendall


Today was one of my most memorable days of NYFW 2016. I was able to do the the sound design for Band Of Outsiders show which was also the re-launch of the brand (no pressure). Not only was the collection amazing but the soundtrack was legendary! In honor of our chosen track by Wu- Tang I sported a "Cash Rules Everything Around Me" dress, it was only right!

See outfit details below:

Dress: Elizabeth Gilligan

Shoes: Nicholas Kirkwood


STYLE: 202 + 5523 [NYFW DAY #3]

I didn't know which part was more funny, me jumping in the bushes trying to get the perfect photo or my shirt almost falling off because I missed a hook and woke up too early in the morning and didn't have coffee. Either way, I made it and this outfit made a statement all on it on. It embodies the essence fashion week to me! Check it out below:

Top: Claudia Li

Pant: Band Of Outsiders LA

Bag: Ferragamo

Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Glasses: Gentle Monster

STYLE: 006 + 202 [NYFW DAY #2]

One of the craziest things about NYFW is that the traffic is insane and time in not on your side. I had a 20 minute break in between shows so I ran to the nearest hotel ordered some green juices for the crew and got my makeup done in the restaurant! LOL! Michael did his thing per usual and I absolutely loved this look. I called it my "Formation" 2016 Black Panther moment. Get into the details below:

Jumpsuit: Cushnie et Ochs

Belt: Chanel

Glasses: Christian Dior

Bag: Ferragamo

Shoes: Jimmy Choo


STYLE: 199+ 726 + 162 [NYFW DAY#1]

NYFW has officially kicked off and I couldn't be more than ready. This week will be a non-stop week of fashion, music, dancing, looks, more looks, and NO SLEEP.

Outer Top and Pant: Chris Gelinas

Shirt: Missoni

Shoes: Ade Samuel

Bag: Fendi


As mentioned in my previous post, I celebrated the release of Adidas' NMD RX1 release at the Tunnel in NYC. Th event was literally one of my favorite moments as I shared the stage with DJ Clark Kent, Desiigner, and Pusha T.

As part of the Future campaign revealed earlier this year, Adidas Originals continues to take cues from the past to inspire the future by tapping into the sounds and visuals of an era past. Inspired by the past through ‘collective memory’ of iconic silhouettes, the NMD_RX1 borrows the same design cues from the original NMD_R1 and signals the future of the adidas Originals category.

Dress: Cushnie et Ochs

Shoe: Addias NMD RX1

STYLE : 5523 + 663C

If you have ever planned an event, then you know no matter what it just gets chaotic. Despite all the planning and all triple checking something just so happens to go wrong. Well, technically nothing went wrong minus the 650 RSVP's we got for a venue that held 130 people! ahhaha

Pre all of the madness before my event I was able to bask in that moment of pure joy. When your make up is perfect ( which means for me, minimal and as natural as possible) and out fit is above and beyond this world. To calm my nerves the Brooklyn gal in me decided to head to the corner store for some quick snacks and coconut water.

We turned the store run into a photo shoot and this is what happened! Check out the pics below!

Top: Off-White

Skirt: Adam Selman

Shoes: Brother Vellies

Jacket: Vintage

Photography: @a_kid_named_trav


I love being a native New Yorker but there is nohing like packing your bags and flying to the other side of America for some fresh air. Oh! Yes I said it, I deicded to get some fresh air not outside my door but in sweet and sunny California. If you live in New York City then I don't need to explain that the movement and pace  never slows down and sometimes you just need to hit the pause botton and allow yourself to recharge. So, I decided to take my own advice  and do just that on my last trip to LA.

 In between a few meetings, late nights with friends, and even some hiking  I finally got some relaxtion time. You know, time to breathe, eat, and think...the simple things.  Even better I was able to do all of this during my stay at the W Hotel in West Hollywood which was absolutely beautiful.  During my stay, I called up my close friend and awesome photographer VisualsbyPierre and did a shoot for  Misguided at the hotel. It was like the W transformed into this magical exotic paradise just for me!  

Check out the images below and my interview with Misguided here

Dress : Missguided 

Photography: VisualsbyPierre

STYLE : 199C + 663 + 705C + 162


New York Fashion Week is definitely one of my favorite times of the year . This is when I get to step out and show out, showcasing my most self expressing get ups. Before entering the amazing ADAM SELMAN AW16 show , the very talented  David x Prutting and Sam Deitch  flicked me up as I did everything in my power to not look like a freezing New Yorker haha 

Jacket: Adam Selman 

Pants: G-Star 

Shoes: Karen Gallo 

Bag: Gelareh Mizrahi

Photography: David x Pruitting/ & Sam Deitch


I've been thinking a lot about my grandfather "Papa" lately. I'm not sure why but I have. He was an old timer in true spirit and I must say the life of any and every party. He could dance with the best them (he was a trained ballroom dancer and wasn’t afraid to show off his skills), out-hang the night only to turn around and do it all again, which is maybe where I get it from!

He had a very rare disposition about him… the slickness and confident sophistication which he always exuded  was unmatchable. I can’t say we were the closest but he spoiled me in his own little way. He always walked around with this big gold pendant of Trinidad and I remember telling him I’m not a true Trini if I didn’t have on myself! So of course he went back home to Trinidad for Carnival one year and came back with a mini version of his pendant…it was those type of moments that I hold super tight to my heart.

 That man was just classically dapper…I loved his style. He was very sharp, always with a perfectly ironed pant with a seam in the middle, long trench overcoat to match, freshly shined loafers and a fedora if he was feeling extra good. I wanted to channel exactly that in this style post. 

The thing that I remember the most was that music was at his core. Soca and Calypso to be specific…and it’s at my core too…maybe that’s just it… the more I get in tune with what makes me truly happy and takes me away, it just reminds me of how happy  music made him feel too.

In loving memory, this one is for you Papa.

Take a look at my looks here: 

Jacket: ICB

Pants: ICB

Shoes: Chanel Loafers

Top: Moschino

Photography: VisualsbyPierre


STYLE : 11-0602 + 412 + 1795

Today is that one day when everything goes and nothing else even birthday!! I told myself about 50 times I didn't want to do anything but the DJ in me couldn't help myself. I decided to throw a birthday bash which my friend and I planned in about 8 minutes at the Soho Grand Hotel along with some of my closest friends as hosts. It was one of those days where I just wanted to embrace my body...for me...and celebrate myself coming into my womanhood unapologetically.

So POW...I stepped out in a red leather harness and skirt by Zana Bayne, blouse by equipment, shoes by Saint Laurent and hair curly and free!

Bthday Tracks for #kitty'sday:
"I'm Every Woman"- Chaka Khan ( I twirled to should too!)
"Wonderful"- Travis Scott ft. The Weeknd
"Fleek"- Alkaline
"Love The Free III ( Prelude)- Kitty Cash

P.S. Head to Man Repeller to check out my "In My Closet" feature that went live today here:

Jacket: G-Star

Top: Equipment

Harness: Zana Bayne

Skirt: Zana Bayne

Shoes: Saint Laurent  

Photography: VisualsbyPierre

Blog post: Markee Carroll


STYLE : BLACK6C + 199 + 663


After a five day stunt in Amsterdam full of wild nights and jam packed days, I was able to meet up with Josine, founder of  ontheblockshop.  I loved that Josine was able to create and tap into a community that is very limited in Europe... not only that but I also found that she has been a fan of my "Love The Free" mixtape so it was love at first sight! With that being said, we linked up right outside of my hotel and shot some of my favorite picks from the site. Take a peek below to see the looks!

Jacket: Stussy

Jeans: G-STAR


Shoes: Doc Martins

Photography: Juliane Falk

STYLE : 663C + 162 + 5523 + BLACK6C + 199C

There really is nothing like feeling sexy while hitting the vibrant streets of New York City. Weirdly enough as big as the city is, I think we as New Yorkers all have our favorite pockets and go to spots in the city. For me, it's pretty much anywhere under 14th street (ahhh...don't judge me). So during New York Fashion week I hit up the streets of Soho and the Lower East Side in bold style. I found myself falling madly in love with this graphic ankle length dress, it was effortlessly chic and made me feel very much like the sassy Kitty I am. Check it out below!

Dress: CMEO Collective  

Shoes: Yves Saint Laurent

Top & Skirt: CMEO Collective

Photography: Ted Edmonds

STYLE : BLACK 6C + 663C + 705 + 7499 + 5523

Jacket: Acne

Top: Emilio Pucci

Pant: Protaginist

Shoes: YSL

Photography: Visuals By Pierre