11 is my lucky number so I thought I would share this very special mixtape  today on December 11, 2013, called “Love The Free.” I have been working on “Love the Free” for about 3-4 months curating the perfect combination of songs to send you into sonic bliss. 

“Love The Free” serves as my musical diary, it was my way of inviting you on my journey as a DJ (I enjoy the company…haah). I can’t believe it has been about a year and a half already since I decided to DJ!!! I have had a few bumps along the road in making this collaborative project–I kept saying can I really pull this off?!! It was really a test and I am so glad I passed…WOWWWWW I am so thankful and grateful for these contributors aka my friends. 

For the most part, I am a fan of all of these artists and I am so humbled that they believed in my vision and contributed to this. I came up with idea on my last tour with Kish and The Internet and just stuck with it.

I put a lot of love into this and worked with people that are AWESOMMEE who I admire a lot. So I hope you can feel it when you press that orange button with the arrow.

The tracklist is below :-)

MEOWWWWW…let me know what you think!



01. Kilo Kish - Love The Free (Intro)
02. Kelela - The High (Prod. Gifted & Blessed)
03. Phony Ppl - Baby, Meet My Lover
04. Jesse Boykins III - Our Party
05. Jean Deaux - Find You (Feat. Sampha) (Prod. Sampha)
06. Michael Uzowuru - March 12th
07. Jimi Nixr - Crush
08. Kid A - Oh Me (Oh My) (Feat. Agoria) (Prod. Agoria)
09. Childish Major - Vietnam (Don’t Let It Fall)
10. Fwdslxsh & MD $ - Got Me Saying
11. Sango - 11:30
12. The Internet Interlude
13. Chippy Nonstop - Kitties with the Ca$h (Feat. Little Payne)
14. Marvel Alexander - It’s All That Stops
15. Justin Rose - Tomorrow’s Love
16. The GTW - Bleach Pool
17. Melo-X - She’s On Fire
18. Vic Mensa - She Loves The Mirror (Prod. Cam)
19. DJ Thoth - Free Bliss (Outro) (Prod. The Super 3)

Mixed and mastered by Om'mas Keith and Chris Tabron